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I am Software Developer, Who specializes in building secure and fast APIs, as well as gorgeous user facing interfaces.


Issue Tracker

Issue Tracker

A SaaS oriented application, aimed to ease the tracking and management of bugs, while providing other collaboration and team oriented features. Built on top of Node JS, Express and MongoDB as well as Next JS for the front end and tailwind css for styling and other libraries to handle various tasks such as swr for caching. It is still in development and there will be an MVP coming using a slightly different stack to ease the dx.

Who am I

I am an innovative software developer with an accumulated 2+ years of experience in software craftsmanship. I help companies identify issues, design, and ship well-crafted solutions that suit their needs and their customer's in an efficient way and in the shortest amount of time.

In technical jargon, I am a Javascript/Typescript developer focused on Building Node JS Backends tied to either SQL and NoSQL databases ones under Postgres and MongoDB, APIs, as well as client-facing apps using React, Next JS and Tailwind CSS, following various software architectures from the highly recognized *three-tiered monoliths to the microservices pattern utilizing DevOps tools in the realm of Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud providers such as GCP.

Apart from that, I spend most of my free time reading books, sharpening my skills, or navigating the vast tech world for news and shiny creativeness.

Feel free to message me through the form below. social media links or via email( if you have anything in mind.


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